Bmi Calculate

Java source to calculate your body mass index,the program is very simple

engineering calculator

Java source to engineering calculator A project suitable for students

Password generator

Java source to generate strong password and management passwords

displaying the battery

You can use this responsive source to get the amount of battery in your projects

Source code of SQL Server

Backing up in the project is done automatically from the sql codes. You can safely leave the backup to the source code.

ATM simulator

Using this tool, you can simulate an ATM with all the details for use in banking projects.

airline agency management

The source code of the airline agency management project in Visual Basic language for the use of airlines and air services

Whatsapp Bot Massenger

WhatsApp bot is developed using javascript and you can develop it and run it on the web

zombie fighting game

The source code of the zombie fighting game project in VB.NET language The source of the zombie game is stable and executable

When an item is checkmarked, it means the basic foundation is in place but not necessarily complete. For example, Inventory is checkmarked but it currently only supports weapons. You can help fix that.

Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot PHP SDK lets you develop Telegram Bots in PHP easily! Supports Laravel out of the box.

Instagram Bot

Get free Instagram followers and services

Youtube Viewer

Get a free view for You Tube Chanel

signal bot

This project is in its infancy!

whatsapp robot webjs

WhatsApp bot is developed using webjs and you can develop it and run it on the web

php api

The Messaging API for PHP makes it easy to develop